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 Illuminated letters

Have a wedding party which will make the difference!!!

   Illuminated letters is the new must in wedding receptions all around the world.Use them and you will definitely give a distinctive character to the venue your wedding reception is going to take place.It is going to be
   a surprise for your guests!. You can write your initials .your favourite line of words or even your favourite word!

   NSSOUND can and will create the letters you wish to have in your reception in the shape size and style you wish!!
   The illuminated letters can be installed in the dancing floor where the groom and the bride will be dancing, in the entrance before the guests enter the venueor even outdoors where the reception might take place.

   *The illuminated letters can also be used to decorate other events such as baptisms ,birthdays,anniversaries,company events ,fashion shows e.t.c.